Monday, March 17, 2008

Level 13

It has been a long time since I have left the inn. The walking from the Eversong Woods to Tranquillien took it's toll upon my spirits. A good feeling overwhelmed me today and the heavens have blessed me with great vigor to aid the fine town of Tranquillien. Rathis Tomber sought aid after losing his shipment of supplies to group of Scourge. It was a difficult task to exorcise those zombies but I was able to retrieve his wares for him. Hopefully they were not broken or damaged. Then I accepted the task of exorcising the town of Goldmist Village. They were lost to the Scourge and now filled with wraiths and ghosts. Those poor souls we unable to leave this world but I faced death himself to cleanse that town. That task has depleted my body and soul thus it would behoove me to rest early.

Items Sold:
  1. Warped Leather Boots: 1s 9c
  2. Small Eggs x6: 24c
  3. Simple Cape : 54c
  4. Linen Cloth x15: 1s 94c
  5. Warped Leather Pants: 1s 23c
  6. Disciple's Stein of Frozen Wrath: 5s 27c
  7. Worn Mail Vest: 1s 39c
  8. Rusty Hatchet: 72c
  9. Clam Meat x5: 80c
  10. Snapped Spider Limb x15: 90c
  11. Feeble Sword: 55c
  12. Patchwork Armor x2: 28c
  13. Worn Leather Pants: 19c
  14. Worn Leather Boots: 19c
  15. Crude Bastard Sword: 49c
  16. Dried Bats Blood: 33c
  17. Gypsy Cloak: 56c
  18. Dormant Mana Powder x11: 1s 65c
  19. Quel'Thalas Recurve: 2s 40c
  20. Ripped Wyrm Scales x5: 45c
  21. Pioneer Trousers of the Monkey: 1s 93c
Repair Costs: 1s 45c
Money in Bag: 52s 46c

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Level 12 - Tranquillien

The reclaimed town of Tranquillien is upon. It will be my place of residence as I aid the people around me. For some time it was overwhelmed with the blight of the Scourge but has since been reclaimed by the light.

Skills Learned:
  1. Inner Fire: 7s 20c
  2. Power of Word: Fortitude (Rank 2): 7s 20c
  3. Power of Word: Shield (Rank 2): 7s 20c
Items Sold:
  1. Smooth Metal Staff: 1s 83c
  2. Mage Royal: 20c
  3. Dried Bat Blood x3: 99c
  4. Patch of Bat Hair x2: 56c
  5. Infantry Belt:45c
  6. Courier's Bag: 62c
  7. Meaty Bat Wing x3: 12c
  8. Training Sword of the Monkey: 3s 6c
  9. Discolored Fang: 6c
  10. Lynx Meat x4: 20c
  11. Small Leather Collar x2: 66c
  12. Unkempt Shoes: 1c
  13. Patchwork Gloves: 7c
  14. Cracked Sledge: 97c
  15. Loose Chain Cloak: 7c
  16. Disciple's Bracers: 26c
Repair Costs: 30c
Money Donated to Church: 10s 50c
Total Money Donated to Church: 63s 53c
Items Donated to Church:
  1. Linen Cloth x4
Money in Bag: 0

Poor Courier Dawnstrider

This Courier has been missing for some time and it has all been due to his poisoning. I must do something to aid him. The apothecary has suggested I run and collect the blood of near by creatures for a cure.

Level 11 - Farstrider Retreat

A few moons have past since I have progressed my journey. I have since left the glory of Silvermoon City and am now in the confines of the Farstirider Retreat. Many of the quests and task I have done have involved retrieving and delivering items such as the Magister Apprentice's Journal and the Amani Spearcrafter's hammer. Lieutenant Dawnrider did ask me to aid her in her war agains the Amani trolls but such a request I cannot fullfil. Why do so many ask a priest for war?

Items Sold:
  1. Silk Wristbands: 8c
  2. Ripped Wyrm Scale x9: 1s 35c
  3. Well Watcher Gloves: 2c
  4. Mana Residue x29: 69c
  5. Patchwork Bracers: 14c
  6. Withered Staff: 68c
  7. Worn Leather Vest: 67c
  8. Patchwork Cloak: 7c
  9. Dimly Glowing Eye x2:30c
  10. Loose Chain Gloves: 11c
  11. Robes of Silvermoon: 6c
Repair Costs: 34c
Money in Bag: 16s 48c

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Level 10

It has been a long night and much rest is need for this poor friar. I have seen much of Eversong Woods. The poor Wretched who have become addicted to magics, the Scourge defiling God's graceful land, as well as many others who are trying to live their lives in these turbulent times. All this priest can do is protect, heal, and aid all those who ask. 

Satisfied I am with the service I have done to the world but much is 
left to be done.

Skills Learned:
  1. Renew: 1s 80c
  2. Lesser Heal (Rank 3): 2s 70c
  3. Resurrection: 2s 70c

Items Sold:
  1. Lynx Meat x8: 40c
  2. Daylight Cloak: 7c
  3. Sunstrider Mace 26c
  4. Rusty Hatchet: 72c
  5. Silver Leaf x3: 30c
  6. Malachite: 15c
  7. Wyrm Sash: 1c
  8. Guard's Leggings: 10c
  9. Cracked Sledge: 97c
  10. Patchwork Belt: 10c
  11. Hunting Rifle: 79c
  12. Rusty Mace: 52c
  13. Pattern: Red Linen Robe: 30c
  14. Earthroot x3: 60c

Repair Costs: 25c
Money Donated to the Church: 35s 9c
Total Money Donated to the Church: 53s 03c
Money Taken from Church: 0
Total Money Taken from Church: 0

Items Donated to Church:
  1. Linen Cloth x25
  2. Scroll of Spirit
Money in Bag: 0

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Level 7 - Silvermoon City

I have finally arrived at Silvermoon City and can finally unload the burdens of the coin. The city is a beautiful and temptful place. Money is to made left and right and professions to be taken. I must not buckle to the forces of temptation. There is no need for me to profit in life but rather to serve the light.

Items Sold:
  1. Mana Residue x27: 81c
  2. Battered Buckler: 3c
  3. Forest Mushroom Cap: 1c
  4. Ragged Leather Boots: 2c
  5. Patchwork Armor: 14c
  6. Striding Pants: 10c
  7. Light Silk Robe: 9c
  8. Ragged Leather Vest: 8c
  9. Sharpened Letter Opener: 38c
  10. Loose Chain Boots: 33c
  11. Velania's Walking Stick: 48c
Repair Costs: 5c
Money Donated to the Church: 17s 94c
Total Money Donated to the Church: 17s 94c
Money Taken from Church: 0
Total Money Taken from Church: 0
Money in Bag: 0

Darnassian Spies

I am now overwhelmed with shame. For the first time I have slayed my fellow kin. Though the Night Elves are not truly our kin we once shared the same lands and blood thousands of years ago.
He appeared from the shadows and attempted to end me. No choice was there for me except to protect my well being and in the process it cost him his life. May the heavens judge him accordingly and my god forgive me for my sins.

The Dead Scar is filled with abominations to the lord. I contributed my part to cleansing the horrid place of such sinful creatures. Ranger Jaela was heavily outmanned and the Eversong
Rangers could not hold out
unless aid was offered.

I don't know if what I did would help in the long run but such hate filled
creatures needed to be exorcised from this world. As a reward, Ranger Jaela offered me new
leggings to replace my tattered trousers. I found these pants to be fitting and not too excessive
for a priest.

Level 6

A new day and my journey continues. The local authorities required my assistance in dispatching rouge golems and retreiving unstable mana crystals. Now I venture fourth to the West Sanctum to my next quest. As I continue my journey for the light, I have become tempted by the power of the shadows. Such devastating magic could ease my journey but such magics corrupt the soul.

Skills Learned:
  1. Smite (Rank 2): 95c
  2. Power of Word: Shield: 95c

Items Sold:
  1. Shattered Power Core x5: 25c
  2. Neophyte's Robes: 1c
  3. Ragged Leather Vest: 8c
  4. Cracked Power Core: 10c
  5. Battered Buckler: 3c
Repair Costs: 8c
Money in Bag: 12s 3c

Level 5 - Falconwing Square

I have now arrived at Falconwing Square, just south of Sunstrider Isle. This day's journey has tired me much and I must unload these worldly items to the local merchant. I make little to no profit of course and unfortunately there have been no beggars or those in need for me to empty my heavy pockets. The inn keeper Delaniel says Silvermoon City is less than a days journey towards the rising sun here. There I can finally offer what I can to the Holy Church.

Items Sold:
  1. Frayed Tender Vine x7: 35c
  2. Smashed Petal x5: 30c
  3. Unkempt Gloves: 1c
  4. Shoddy Chain Boots: 3c
  5. Unkempt Pants x2: 4c
  6. Neophyte's Mace: 7c
  7. Scraggy Leather Pants x2: 4c
  8. Wraith Fragment x9: 54c
  9. Sparkling Dust x9: 45c
  10. Unkempt Bracers: 3c
  11. Unkempt Cloak x2: 4c
  12. Sunstrider Shield: 16c
Repair Costs: 19c
Money in Bag: 9s 24c

Wanted: Thaelis the Hungerer

A reward for a man's life. Such a horrid time it is that we are living in. Is 2s and 50c worth one's head? This is one adventure I want no part of for Thaelis needs no more than a cure for his magical addiction.
Perhaps our order should invest more time and effort to discovering a 

Level 4

The Journey of the Light continues for me. As my faith in the light grows, so does my strength. The guilt and burden of the money I carry is overwhelming me. I hear Silvermoon City is not far from here and there I can give away alms and pay tithe in full.

Skills Learned:
  1. Lesser Heal Rank 2: 95c
Things Sold:
  1. Faintly Glowing Eye x4: 20c
  2. Unkept Cloak x2: 10c
  3. Torn Wyrm Scales x5: 20c
  4. Battered Shield: 7c
  5. Shoddy Chain Pants: 2c
  6. Lynx Tooth x4: 16c
  7. Unkept Bracers: 3c
  8. Tattered Pelt x6: 30c
  9. Frayed Tender Vine x5: 25c
  10. Smashed Petal x5: 30c
  11. Neophyte's Boots: 1c
  12. Neophytes's Pants: 1c
Repair Costs: 6c
Money in Bag: 4s 4c

Level 2

The heavens have blessed me and granted greater physical and mental strength. As I travel through Silvermoon Isle, I only now realize the challenge placed before me.

Skills Obtained:
  1. Word of Fortitude - 9c
Items Sold:
  1. Wyrm Scales 4x - 16c
  2. Faintly Glowing Eyes -20c
  3. Scraggy Leather Belt - 4c
  4. Honey Brea - 4c
Money in Bags: 65c

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Rule of the Franciscan in Azeroth

  1. One shall accept no money or items of exceptional worth from anyone other than the Church. (No fancy armor accepted from quests unless can't be helped.)
  2. One shall carry no money or items of exceptional worth unless the circumstances prevent one from doing so.
  3. One shall not profit off of his fellow man. (No Auctionhouse)
  4. One shall not harm his fellow man unless self-preservation is threatened. (No PVP)
  5. One shall not educate himself in the ways of the shadows (No Shadow or non-essential spells)
  6. One shall only use one's powers to heal others or to protect oneself.
  7. One shall travel in the same manner as his holy lord Jesus Christ. (No Mount)
  8. One shall offer alms to all who request.
  9. One shall love other players and thine self.
  10. One shall enjoy one's time in the World of Warcraft.
  11. One shall spread the word of the Holy Franciscan Order of Azeroth.
This is all in accordance of the Franciscan Order's 3 pillars of Humility, Love and Joy